March 2001
The opening design, originally intended for I made this design during a couple of free periods at college in a spur of motivation. I never really developed this design and no pages other than the home, links and about sections got completed. Still... a historic moment in 3dmm and the start of something great, eh!?
May 2001
Radically different to the previous design, I opted for a vertical menu this time. Being quite graphically based with rollover animations everywhere, loading times were a little slow. The main body of site always seemed to lack something in my view, but it was the first design to use the patented 'review boxes' I still use to this day.
August 2001
This was the desgin which really kick-stared things. I had to decided to make 3dmm Studio big, so over the summer of 2001 I created this. Shortly after, 3dmm Studio went offline due to hosting issues. I focused heavily on colour and aesthetics. The HTML code was a mess so I later converted it to use external stylesheets.
July 2003
Having got 3dmm Studio back on it's feet for a while, I felt that the old design was getting a little tired and that a new, ultra-simple, clean interface might be a welcomed change. I decided to revert back to a horizontal navigational menu. I tried to keep colour to a minimum making the occasional splash of it pleasing on the eyes.
April 2005
The current look. The new design features a new layout and CSS handled design. 3dmm Studio now features a powerful backend 'engine'. The site is TRAVISPOWERED, meaning almost everything you see is dynamically generated through PHP. Special thanks to Mr. Travis Wells for making it all possible.
Will Cheyney
Position held: Webmaster
I started and designed the site, maintain it and bring updates together. I launched 3dmm Studio back in March 2001. Since then the site has been through 4 stages of design (this is the 5th) and suffered a downtime period of over a year due to hosting issues. Nevertheless, I've stuck with it and slowly but surely it's getting better, bigger and more popular. I am particularly proud of the site now that the design is handled through CSS and also that almost everything you see is dynamically generated using PHP - it makes updating the site a lot less painful and time consuming.
Jonny Anson
Position held: Movie critic
I have been a part of the 3dmm community for 8 years now I believe. During which time I have created some of the most silliest movies people may not be watching in many years time. Even so, I have made movies, but I prefer to watch them instead. Now thanks to Will Cheyney (God bless 'im), I now get to tell people what I think of them. But let me warn you, I may be a nice guy to chat to, but as soon as you release a movie, I will be ruthless in giving you my opinion... but then again, maybe with a little incentive I might think different... Oh, Will might catch on, so pretend I didn't say anything.
Position held: Movie critic
Seduced by McZee's lilting Scottish tones as a nipper, I came to the community on Valentine's day 2002. Due to popular request, I have since refrained from making many actual movies, but have contented myself with dipping the occasional toe in other less demanding areas of 3dmm'ing. Today I missed breakfast.
Ben Rice
Position held: Movie critic
I have had 3dmm for 2 years now but have only been a member of the community for about 6 months. I love reviewing 3dmm movies and asked Will if I could join the 3dmm Studio team. It was because of Will I got into 3dmm, he showed me 'Diabolical Delightment'. It was then that I knew I had to get this program. I have gotten better at 3dmm now and hope I am on the right tracks to becoming a pro someday. I have made quite a few movies already including, Deputy, The Handmade Character and Laugh And A Half. I have reviewed plenty of movies for the site and hope to review more in the future.
Andrew Salter
Position held: Movie critic
I've had 3D Movie Maker since a little before it came out, thanks to an aunt at Microsoft who got it for me. With the rest of my family, we churned out several movies with default scenes, but what we thought were brilliant. I picked up 3DMM again shortly after getting my college computer, and have since found the community. After several months of work, I released my debut movie, 'Angel' into the community, opened my own review thread, and have worked to increase my still young skills. Each movie I review follows a similar format to the review thread, though less formal: story, presentation, visuals, sound, last word. Hope you enjoy!
The 3dmm Studio movie rating system
Ultimately, my movie rating system serves as a guide to downloading. Generally speaking, the higher the score, the better the movie. Some rating systems limit you in the approach they take. They will never give a movie the top rating rating because of the assumption that something better will inevitably come along in the future. This is good in principle but falls short in practice because it implies that the standard for all movies past, present, and future is fixed. The system 3dmm Studio uses means that the whole scale is used thus creating more grading for movies.
I could have also adopted a percentage technique too, but I think that such methodology often becomes too complex and in practice there's no way to say that a movie is 1% better than another. Is a 100 stepped rating system really necessary anyway?

Ultimately, the reason movies are rated at all is to give people an idea about the movie before they see it. There's no loss to anyone downloading something (unlike buying a music CD or game for example) so there's little point in being too critical when reviewing movies. People just need to know whether they should download a movie or not and that's the chief standpoint for my rating system.
It is important to note as well that there is more to a movie review than simply the rating. The review text will add to the score's implications and in many cases explain why the movie didn't get a particularly high rating or whatever. All these factors need to be taken into account.
Rating Description
This is the lowest rating for a movie. A movie with this rating should simply be avoided.
Marginly better than the above. A movie with this rating should also be avoided.
Again this rating is slightly better but the movie is still not worth worrying about.
A movie with this rating can possibly be OK if you really like the director's other work.
This movie is slightly better and probably has at least some worthy content.
This is the average rating and most ambiguous. From this point on any ratings tend to be heavily affected by personal taste. A movie with this rating means we found the movie to be only 'OK', but other people may infact really enjoy the movie.
This movie is good and probably shows a decent level of direction. The movie is probably let down by some small fundamental errors but is otherwise a good movie.
This score represents a good solid movie that is enjoyable to watch. A movie with this score is well worth downloading especially if you like the director's other work.
This is a very good rating. A movie of this score is exceptionally good and very well directed. Since the 9 star rating is reserved for the absolute cream movies of all time, this rating is essentially the best.
This rating is, as said above, reserved for the absolute 'best of the best' movies and goes to movies that are the best of their genre/type. The actual difference in movie quality between a 9 and a 10 rated movie is often very small. In short, a 10 rated movie MUST be seen if you've any interest in 3dmm movies.
Here at 3dmm Studio, we strive to give you the best possible user experience. If you come across any problems during your visit, or would like to make suggestion about the site, then please use this feedback form to get in contact with us. You can, also contact us via email if you prefer at,
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3dmm Studio's back-end has been lovingly (and kindly) been written by the incredible Travis Wells. Thanks to him, I can now quickly add and edit reviews, links and utilities. Not only that, but because of the database driven infrastructure of the site, you can instantly access movies from our ever-expanding archive, sort the archive by movie title or director or even search it by query if you wish. I am forever in Mr. Wells' debt, and I can't thank him enough for his invaluable help and generosity.