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3D Movie Maker Bulletin Board
Webmaster: Space Goat
Since moving the Bulletin Board from EzBoard to a private server, Space Goat has designated to the new Bulletin Board. The bulletin board is where 3dmm'ers meet and chat about common interests. The rest of the sections, which used to be part of ' News Network', are now subsections which are assessable through the neat navigational menu at the top of the page. The design is fast, fluid and tidy. A recommended visit, and an ideal starting place for newbies.
3dmm Box Office
Webmaster: Jeff Ching
The 3dmm Box Office is organised and run by Jeff, and used to see which movie releases are best received by the community. Every time a new movie is released within the 3dmm community, it is added to the Box Office. People can then go to this site and vote for their favorites. At the end of every week there is what's known as a 'Box Office report' available for all to read in the 3dmm Discussion forum at The report discusses the top 10 movies of the week, gives a prediction for next weeks report as well as statistics for the movies.
3dmm Manifesto
Webmaster: Andres De La Hoz
Andres' 3dmm Manifesto shocked, intrigued and outraged many when it was released in October 2002. The Manifeto puts forward many valid points making it an extremely interesting read. It insults newbies, bashes 3dmm and tells you why 90% of all 3dmm movies suck.
Dragon Films
Webmaster: Greg Strnad
A big site with many unique movies and sections. Updates are rather erratic as is the uptime as of late. However, the excellent review and scoring system and searchable archive make this definatly worth a look. Don't make the mistake of going to by the way!
EP City
Webmaster: Fredrick Arnoy
Formally Explode Productions, Fredrick and the gang have recently relaunched as 'EP City'. The site features a great, simplistic and easy to use design and is well presented, carrying the theme of the movie 'PowerPlay' and it's communist regime. The movie archive has been re-done for the new design, but as a side effect, a lot of the old movies are currently missing. Fred assures me though that all the old movies from the Explode Productions days will gradually make a return. Recommended.
Lock 'N Toad
Webmaster: Aaron Haynes
The brainchild of Aaron is quickly gaining popularity amongst the 3dmm Community. Taking a similar approach to Review Central's multiple review format, Aaron has an impressive team of critics supporting him. Andres de la Hoz, James Quicksell, Jason Meckes, Matt Burkett, Jon Barton and Sean McNulty all write solid, in-depth and fair reviews.
Review Central
Webmaster: Redwampa
A long standing, yet often criminally forgotten 3dmm site. Review Central has always been just about reviews - detailed and in-depth accounts of a movie. It used to be the largest archive of movie reviews by a long shot, but in subsequent years the competition has caught up. It pioneered the multiple review system and has had a long list of critics during it's time. It is also the home of Redwampa and his NUTS series.
Tuna Films
Webmaster: Tuna Hematoma
With a design reminiscent of Tuna's old site 'The Deadly Fish Tank', Tuna Films is a criminally unknown 3dmm site. Mainly a showcase for Tuna's old, new and upcoming movies, Tuna Films also has a bunch of movies in it's review archive. Tuna doesn't actually offer download links for the movies he reviews, but instead provides you with a link to a site that does. Everything is there, presented in a clean, concise manner. Defiantly worthy of being added to your Internet bookmarks.
v3dmm Stuff
Webmaster: Travis Wells
'v3dmm Stuff' is the central hub for all things v3dmm. It plays host to the best collection of additional textures, props, actors, scenery and 3D words - all submitted by various members of the community. It also has a large selection of brilliant tutorials and guides. The site is well thought-out and features an easy and intuitive design. A must visit for anyone thinking of using the advantages v3dmm has to offer. An excellent resource in all.