3dmm Animation Pro 2.7
Created by: Travis Wells
Considered by many as THE most important program when creating a 3D movie other than 3D Movie Maker itself. 3dmm Animation Pro (3dmmAP) allows users to make use of the keyboard to perform various tasks such as creating an extra frame, advancing forward a frame in a scene, going back a frame within a scene, going to the next scene, going to the previous scene, going to the first frame, going to the last frame, going to the first scene, going to the last scene, selecting the move tools, selecting a rotational tool, selecting a transform tool - the list goes on. So, you will never again have to interrupt your animation spurts by moving the mouse cursor and selecting a tool, instead, you can now use your keyboard. Used in conjunction with SceneED (which can be found a bit further down this page), this can become an invaluable tool for animating smoothly and faultlessly in 3dmm.
3dmm Appendinator 0.5
Created by: Frankie Weindel
This application appends two 3dmm files together (adds file 2 on to file 1). It automatically handles fixing ID's by adding each quad from file 2 sequentially increasing ID's. This means you can easily put more than one actors, scenes, etc. into one file. There are many uses for this if you are creative enough. One use you might not notice is that the program automatically fixes reference order, so if you appended a blank 3dmm file onto another file it will just go through and fix the reference order. This download also includes the Unicows.DLL for Win9x/XP that some users may require.
3dmm Config 1.0
Created by: Travis Wells
This nifty little program lets you change your 3dmm movie directory without editing the registry, your 3dmm fullscreen/windowed settings and your 3dmm renderer settings, without pressing CTRL-SHIFT-I.
3dmm DVD 1.8
Created by: Frankie Weindel
3dmm DVD allows you to create and customise a basic DVD-style button menu for your movie(s) and extras you want to include. For example, a typical 3dmm DVD menu may consist of the main movie, a movie for cut scenes, a movie for blooper, and another for commentary. To watch your movie all you have to do is click the appropriate button. Fonts can also be included in a 3DVD file and will be installed automatically (or whatever you set it to do) when you launch the 3dmm DVD file.
3dmm Expansion Pack 1 (v0.18)
Created by: Frankie Weindel
This expansion uses the newly discovered expansion method. This expansion currently (v0.18) includes 4 new scenes, each with a variety of camera angles; 59 new 3D word textures; 3 new 3D fonts ripped from Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker; new actors from Japanese version of 3dmm; new music from the 3dmm theatre; solid colour 3D word textures and finally, a new special type of 3D font. 'Wackydings' allows you to texturize the default 3D shapes through the 3D words tool, allowing the possibility of grouping 3D shapes as well as performing any of the transformations you can on a regular 3D word. Future packs will be available shortly with even more new features!
3dmm FPS 0.12
Created by: Travis Wells
An neat application that lets you change the fps rate in 3DMM. The default speed is 4x, and is adjustable by editing the 3dmmFPS.DAT file included in the download. Use the following figures if you are using the app for compatability issues: Win98 FPS to WinXP FPS is 1.35805, WinXP FPS to Win98 FPS is 0.918485. This version of the application only works with UK/US versions of 3D Movie Maker.
3dmm Mini 1.0
Created by: Kim Turley
3dmm Mini 1.0 works and looks just like the regular edition of 3D Movie Maker, but with a download size that doesn't kill your bandwidth. In order for this to be possible, 3dmm Mini has been stripped to the bear essentials; all Mczee voices, the Theatre and Imaginopolis have been removed. Other than this, 3dmm Mini lets you create, watch and edit 3dmm movies in the studio just like normal. 3dmm Mini is an ideal fix for people with a slow Internet connection or for people who aren't interested in all 3dmm's unnecessary 'frills'.
3dmm No CD
Created by: Travis Wells
Tired of having put the CD into your computer every time you want to use 3D Movie Maker? This no CD patch will copy the necessary files from the 3dmm CD onto your computer.
3dmm Pencil++
Created by: Frankie Weindel
This neat little program lets you mess with the internals of 3dmm datafiles. 3dmm Pencil now works with Windows 9x platforms.
3dmm Picture 0.9
Created by: Travis Wells
This program allows you to change the preview picture for a movie which is seen when you select a movie in the open dialogue box in 3dmm. Adds a nice touch to your latest masterpiece.
3dmm Updater
Created by: Travis Wells
Not sure if you have all the latest expansions installed? Behold, an answer to your problem. 3dmm Updater checks all the expansions (not VXPs) installed on your computer, and compares them against a list of most-recent expansions on stored on v3dmm.com. If anything is out of date (or missing), it tells you and gives you a link to the installer for the update.
7gen Package
Created by: Travis Wells
The all-in-one v3dmm expansion maker. Included in this download is everything you need to get started to order start creating your own actors, props, backgrounds, 3D word textures as well as model importing. The other applications required to extract items from 3dmm, Python and PyGame, are included in this download. 3dmm Pencil ++ is also required. For help installing 7gen, please refer to our installation instructions.
Camtasia Studio 2.1
Created by: TechSmith
Screen capture software that allows you to record your 3D movies into .avi format. This way people without 3dmm can watch your movies.
Coil Font
Created by: Aaron Haynes
This v3dmm expansion contains around 36 coil/helix/spiral shapes, ranging from basic helixes to more complex, and quite frankly odd revolved curve shapes. Several neat effects are possible by combining them with 3D Words or Superdings as well.
Doraemon Expansion Pack
Created by: Microsoft
This expansion kit, originally released in Japan many years ago, is now available to download and use. Put together for download by Frankie Weindel and Kim Turley, this expansion pack includes several new scenes, characters, props, sound effects, voices, and songs you can use in your 3dmm movies. The included text file explains how to install the pack, so be sure to read it before you try anything. You will need this to watch movies made using the Doraemon Expansion Pack.
Doraemon Translation Pack
Created by: Frankie Weindel
This pack will replace the Japanese text used for actor and prop descriptions included in the Doraemon expansion pack and install the English translations.
Created by: HMC
Fingdings is a v3dmm .vxp expansion that contains 3D Movie Maker character hands - perfect for when you are constructing your own handmade characters. Use lowercase letters for left hands, and uppercase letters for right hands.
HighQ 0.2
Created by: Travis Wells
This program lets you import sounds into 3dmm in full quality. Usually 3dmm compresses sounds imported to decrease the file size. As a side effect, quality is also lost. It increases the filesize dramatically, but makes your movie sound better. Only works with wav files.
Microsoft 3D Movie Maker
Created by: Microsoft
In order to watch any of the movies listed on this site, you will need Microsoft 3D Movie Maker. 3D Movie Maker puts you in the director's chair with thrilling 3D graphics and tools that make it easy to create your own 3D animated movies. For kids 8 and up, and Adults as well. Choose from tons of cool 3D sets, camera angles, actors and props. Add funny sound effects and music to set the mood. You can even record your own songs and dialogue with your friends. Exciting special 3D effects let you squash your actors flat - or stretch them skinny. Make them dance, fall down, shout, kick and jump, or fly through the air! 3D Movie Maker lets you create amazing 3D movies like you've never been able to before. Create action-packed adventures, spine-tingling mysteries, real-life stories, monster movies - it's up to you! One of Microsoft's best ever products. Please refer to the installation instructions and the guide to buring a .iso image file if you have any problems.

Disclaimer: You may only download this as a back-up copy to your 3dmm CD. If you have not purchased a legitimate copy of Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, you must delete these files within 24 hours of downloading.

Microsoft Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker
Created by: Microsoft
In order to watch any of the Nickelodeon movies listed on this site, you will need Microsoft Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker. Much the same as Microsoft's 3D Movie Maker, Microsoft Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker lets you control lots of scenes, actions, special effects and your favorite characters from Nicktoons. Select your cast from a variety of Nickelodeon characters, and add hilarious facial expressions and actions. Choose from a selection of original and new Nickelodeon sets, each with 5 to 20 camera angles so you can film your movie close-up or use the birds-eye-view. Choose awesome Nickelodeon sound effects (like gulp, zap, and burp), music clips, dialogue selections, and special effects. Please refer to the installation instructions and the guide to buring a .iso image file if you have any problems.

Disclaimer: You may only download this as a back-up copy to your Nickelodeon 3dmm CD. If you have not purchased a legitimate copy of Microsoft Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker, you must delete these files within 24 hours of downloading.

MP3 to WAV converter
Created by: SoftDiv
Ever wanted to import your favourite mp3 into 3dmm but not been able to? Well, this very useful, very fast shareware program can convert MP3 audio files to WAV's that can be imported into 3D Movie Maker.
Nickelodeon Expansion Pack
Created by: Frankie Weindel
The Nickelodeon Expansion pack adds all the props, character and scenes from Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker to 3D Movie Maker! Installing this expansion pack will also allow you to open movies made in Nickelodeon 3D Movie Maker in 3D Movie Maker! Just change the movies extension from .nmm to .3mm.
Ogg Vorbis codec remover
Created by: Microsoft
If you are experiencing difficulties running your copy of 3dmm - do not despair! It is more that likely that your problem can be quickly and easily fixed with this removal patch. It will get rid of the Ogg Vorbis codec that countless people have issues with. Download, unzip it, and then right-click "Install" the uninstall.inf file.
Created by: Will BR
This 3dmmAP script allows you to move an object x amount of pixels each time you press a certain key. This is most useful for making scenes pan.
Sound Extractor 5
Created by: Travis Wells
This joyful little program programed by Travis Wells allows you to extract any sounds from 3D movies quickly and easily. A great little tool to have!
SoundRemover 0.2
Created by: Travis Wells
Sound remover is a small utility for removing sounds from 3dmm movies (.3mm only for now). Just drag a .3mm file on top of the SoundRemover.exe file, and it'll load it, delete all the sounds, and resave it under a different name (it sticks -quiet on the end of the file name). Useful if you are ever making a compilation movie. This download also includes a version of the application for Windows 9x and ME users.
Created by: Aaron Haynes
This is a 3D Font for v3dmm wherein the keystrokes on your keyboard produce 3D shapes created in Maya, as well as a few simple 3DSM objects. Everything from basic geometric shapes to lightning bolts to leaves to energy particles to heightmaps to shockwaves to surreal shapes are included. Please refer to the Superdings Character Map to see what objects are assigned to what keys.
Talent Book Pages
Created by: Travis Wells
Get all the Talent Book pages automatically with this registry file. Alternatively, if for some reason you want to find them the long way click here for all the Talent Book page locations.
Transparent Textures
Created by: Aaron Haynes
This is a pack of seven useful transparent textures. Four fire and three water. They are simple fire or water patterns with transparency sprayed throughout. Useful for particle objects like explosions, but the best way to use them is on solid shapes found in Superdings. It even works with spheres and cubes if handled correctly.
v3dmm 0.14
Created by: Travis Wells
Advances in the understanding of how 3D Movie Maker works, means directors can now add their own props, characters, textures, scenery and 3D words to movies! Movies that make use of v3dmm come automatically bundled with any additional extras added to the movie by the director. In order to watch a movie that makes use of this expansion, v3dmm is required. Simply load the movie into the application and click' Launch 3dmm'. Brilliant. Be sure to check out v3dmm.com for all the best expansion objects and tutorials.
Word Up Down
Created by: Stefan
This 3dmmAP script drops down four spots in the 3D Words texture menu. Perfect for expansion pack textures, which take years and years to scroll through each time you want to change one.