Click here to dowload MagicISO 4.9 with serial patch
Getting started
Launch the 'MagicISO' application and select 'Burn CD/DVD with ISO...' from the 'Tools' menu.
Select the approriate options
The dialogue box below will appear. You need to set MagicISO up with the correct options selected.

1. Insert a blank CD into your CD-R/RW drive.

2 . Choose your CD-R/RW drive.

3 . Select the .iso CD image file that you downloaded.

4 . Choose CD-R/RW Write Speed in Speed Combox.

5 . Check the optional "Test Write" or "Burn Proof" (if desired).

6 . If you are using a CD-RW disc that isn't blank, click the "Erase" button to wipe it.

7. Click "Burn it!" button to start burning process.